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Sakuraco April 2021 - Matcha Moments


Sakura Sugar Candy

$5.02 USD

A spring limited edition treat. Made by combining soft mousse, meringue and agar jelly. Finally it is combined with sakura...


Sakura Yunomi

$7.86 USD

Enjoy the refreshing feeling of spring all year round with this traditional Japanese yunomi cup. The gentle pink and orange...


Matcha Mochi

$3.13 USD

Made under the supervision of renowned green tea specialists Ujien - this fluffy and chewy matcha mochi gets sweeter the...


Matcha Senbei

$3.13 USD

While not being overly sweet, these matcha scented crackers are a delicious crispy snack. Perfect for sharing with friends over...


Sakura Karinto

$3.66 USD   $2.85 USD

With seasonal & sweet Sakura Karito - the clue is in the name. The slightly salty flavor of the sakura...


Matcha Azuki Waffle

$2.74 USD   $2.14 USD

Enjoy the rich, sweet and traditional flavor combination of azuki red bean and matcha in this delightfully fluffy waffle. Try...


Golden Plum Tea (10 piece set)

$6.91 USD

Enjoy a little luxury this spring. This sweet and sour plum tea features beautiful gold leaf. Enjoy watching the sparkling...


Plum Yokan

$5.03 USD   $4.27 USD

Refreshingly sour with sweet elements, enjoying this Japanese plum jelly treat is a great way to wash away the fatigue...


Yamecha Monaka

$1.83 USD   $1.62 USD

Produced in the Chikugo region of Fukuoka, Yamecha is a tea known for it’s refreshing taste. Made using sugar and...


Matcha Mochi Monaka

$6.40 USD   $5.31 USD

Inside crispy monaka wafers, you’ll find an elegant matcha and azuki paste, providing a balance between bitter and sweet. The...