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nomakenolife January 2021 - Top of The Charts

Bath & Body

Fascy Moisture Bomb Hand Cream

$6 USD

With over 10 million sold worldwide, this popular Korean hand cream from Fascy lives up to its name with deep...


UR Glam - Lip Oil

$4 USD

Between a balm and a gloss, lip oil hydrates and soothes dry winter lips, and infuses them with a vibrant...

Make Up

Innisfree Matte Mineral Setting Powder

$15 USD

The beauty item every Korean woman swears by! This super soft setting powder created by Innisfree is made from Jeju...

Hair care

Microfiber Hair Drying Glove

$4 USD

Dealing with wet hair right after a shower is never fun - and you could catch a cold! The soft...


UR GLAM - Eyeshadow Palette

$6 USD

This eyeshadow palette sold out when it was voted best multi-palette by @cosme at the beginning of 2020. Featuring tones...

Beauty tools

BT21 Hair Clips

$11 USD

Add some K-Pop to your hair look, or simply during your makeup and skincare routine with BT21 hair clips -...

Hair Care

Mise En Scene Extreme Damage Repair Hair Mask

$9 USD

From the #1 hair care brand in Korea, this nourishing hair serum uses natural oils, heat, and steam to infuse...