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Sakuraco March 2021 - Discover Sakura


Okayama White Peach Castella

$2.93 USD

Baked in Okayama prefecture, famous for peaches, this moist castella cake uses a white peach purée and filling that give...


Sakura Konpeito (Sakuraco Exclusive)

$3.59 USD

Enjoy these beautiful star-shaped sugar candy sweets inspired by the sakura season. We worked with Sasaki Confectionery, who have been...


Sakura Strawberry Crepe Roll

$4.54 USD   $3.31 USD

A crispy spring exclusive, get the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity with a delicate crepe layer, coated in strawberry...


Strawberry Dorayaki

$2.54 USD   $1.86 USD

The makers of this delicious dorayaki (castella pancake) carefully selected the perfect flour and delicate red bean & strawberry jam...


Strawberry Castella

$5.45 USD   $2.37 USD

Gently sweet and a little tart, the strawberry cream sandwiched between fluffy castella cake (made with brown sugar) makes this...


Sakura Madeleine

$3.12 USD

The perfect treat for the spring season. This madeleine's moist texture is enhanced by the elegant flavor of sakura extract...


Peach Sandwich

$5.45 USD   $4.62 USD

A fresh aromatic treat to match the gentle spring weather. Take a moment and have a bite size indulgence with...


Yoshino Kuzumochi

$4.09 USD   $2.56 USD

Enjoy the elegant flavors of soft and chewy kuzumochi: mochi drizzled with Okinawan brown sugar syrup and dusted with two...


Sakurasen Cracker

$4.54 USD   $2.28 USD

Known for its mellow flavor, this limited edition rice cracker uses sakura as an ingredient, which gives it the scent...


RN Sakura Mochi Monaka

$5.94 USD

Sakura lovers won’t be able to put this crispy treat down. Elegant and mature Sakura-flavored red bean paste and chewy...