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TokyoTreat April 2021 - Sakura Snack Surprise!


Fruit Donut Gummy (10 piece set)

$6.85 USD

This fruity donut Japanese gummy is a delicious mix of various fruit flavors. It has a sweet and sour flavor...


Mashrō Japanese Marshmallow (30 piece set)

$20.30 USD

Sweet, soft and chewy, Mashrō is a fluffy Japanese marshmallow with cute pastel colors that will remind you of a...


Ramen Shop Taro's Ramen Snack (30 piece set)

$6.66 USD

Enjoy the bold flavors of this noodle snack, that has the right amount of seasoning and crunch!


Lemon Squid Snacks (10 piece set)

$3.94 USD

Need something a little sour and refreshing to shake up your snacktime? This tasty squid snack is a light treat...


New Mochi Tarō Snacks (10 piece set)

$9.67 USD   $6.30 USD

Mochi is a traditional and favourite snack for Japanese people, and these fried mochi snacks have a simple saltiness that...


Banana Man Japanese marshmallow (30 piece set)

$8.26 USD

This fluffy, sweet, and all around yummy marshmallow Japanese snack is a popular treat in Japan. The chocolate and banana...


Mike Popcorn Classic Salt

$6.48 USD

Mike’s Popcorn is Japan’s favorite popcorn and an essential party snack. And this one will surely be a hit with...


Sakura Latte Marshmallows

$7.75 USD

We’re getting MAJOR spring vibes from these marshmallows! They come in two flavors, sakura (pink) and sakura latte (white)! Enjoy...


KitKat Sakura

$8.48 USD

Spring limited edition sakura KitKats?! The only thing better than elegant KitKat sakura chocolate is that Nestle Japan donates 10...


Sakura Ramune

$9.03 USD

Japanese festival favorite ramune is here! This famous Japanese lemonade has a cute pink color and spring exclusive elegant sakura...