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TokyoTreat August 2021 - Tropical Treats


KitKat Mango

$8 USD

KitKat Japan is out here with some MAJOR summer vibes! Inside the mango flavored chocolate you’ll find a light and...


Pocky Coconut

$5 USD

Japanese candy with a totally tropical twist! On top of a crunchy pretzel base there’s a thick chocolate and coconut...


Fanta Sumomo Plum

$4 USD   $2 USD

NEW SUMMER EXCLUSIVE FANTA ALERT! Sweet and sour Fanta Sumomo Plum is the super refreshing Japanese soda you need to...


Japanese Cocoa Bolo Treat(10 piece set)

$7 USD   $4 USD

These cocoa treats add a little bit of rich and bitter crunch to your day!! We recommend enjoying this one...


Festival Sauce Cabbage Chips(30piece set)

$11 USD   $5 USD

These crunchy but light corn snacks taste like a Japanese festival! With their tasty cabbage flavor with very saucy accents,...


Japanese Sour Cider Gummies(10 piece set)

$10 USD   $6 USD

A refreshing and sour soda flavored treat in a cute bottle shape! The perfect sweet and chewy pick-me-up! *This set...


Sankaku Crackers Vegetable Flavor (24 piece set)

$6 USD

Mini crunchy crackers with veggie flavors? Yes please! These triangle cracker treats make for a great salty sharing snack


Shimi Choco Stick(30 piece set)

$11 USD

A bubbly chocolate stick snack made from corn. A great light snack for chocolate lovers.


Banana Man Japanese marshmallow (30 piece set)

$6 USD

This fluffy, sweet, and all around yummy marshmallow Japanese snack is a popular treat in Japan. The chocolate and banana...


Umaibō Lemon(30 piece set)

$6 USD

The classic Japanese childhood favorite is here in a summer exclusive flavor! The sweet corn snack has a gentle sourness...