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TokyoTreat February 2021 - Berry Berry Valentines


Kit Kat - Bitter Strawberry

$6.85 USD   $5.52 USD

As you all may know, the various renditions of Kit Kat flavors are hugely popular in Japan. This time, we...


Yaokin Strawberry Soft Marshmallow(10 Piece Set)

$5.59 USD

Enjoy this cute little strawberry soft marshmallow treat! Even better, there's a hidden strawberry jelly surprise awaiting in the cone!*(10...


Sakusaku Panda Strawberry Cookies

$3.04 USD

These cute & crunchy cookies have 70 fun expressions that are full of love! And they are topped with strawberry...


Yakisoba Sauce Snack (10 piece set)

$2.78 USD

This dagashi is inspired by the famous Japanese yakisoba noodle dish. It has a satisfying crunch and savory yakisoba flavor....


Uncle Pierre’s Roll Cake(10 Piece Set)

$6.35 USD

Uncle Pierre’s mini roll cake mixes sweet and sour flavors with it’s tasty strawberry cream filling, all wrapped in a...


Pocky Heartful Cherry

$3.32 USD

We ♥ these tasty pocky! The strawberry flavored pretzel has been worked into the shape of a heart, then dipped...


Welch's Sparkling Rosé Soda

$4.84 USD

This Japan exclusive soda is made using mellow and fruity grapes, with a hint of strawberry that gives the soda...


Japanese Cocoa Bolo Treat(10 piece set)

$7.31 USD   $5.31 USD

These cocoa treats add a little bit of rich and bitter crunch to your day!! We recommend enjoying this one...


Bubbly Taiyaki Strawberry Flavor

$2.76 USD

There are always more fish in the sea. But you don’t have to travel far to find this Taiyaki treat!...


Full Moon Pon Japanese Cracker

$2.19 USD

A sweet and spicy soy sauce flavored cracker snack that is the perfect partner for some late night snacking and...