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TokyoTreat July 2021 - Summer Snackin'


Japanese Turtle Crackers(10 piece set)

$3.69 USD

This crunchy treat takes inspiration from nature! Turtle Crackers have a gentle sweetness and take their name from the shape...


Japanese Pudding Marshmallow (10 piece set)

$2.75 USD

This soft and fluffy marshmallow is filled with a pudding cream paste. A tasty, Japanese dessert inspired snack!


KitKat Pudding

$4.73 USD

Hey Puddin’… KitKats! Newly dropped by KitKat, these Japan exclusives feature caramel pudding flavored chocolate and a caramel cream filling...


Bubbly Taiyaki Chocolate Flavor

$3.88 USD

Are Japanese lakes filled with Bubbly Taiyaki? No. But no worries! We caught one for you anyway! Inside the cute...


Pocky Choco Mint

$3.88 USD

Summer exclusive Pocky alert! Only around for a short time, these Pocky have a cocoa base and tasty mint choco...


Tongari Corn Salted Vanilla Flavor

$4.35 USD

Ice cream fans! A new release from crunchy corn snack Tongari Corn - they have a fresh sweet and salty...


Fujiya Nectar Peach 350ml

$3.79 USD

Enjoy a lazy day and mellow out with delicious Nectar Peach! This Japanese juice is made from straining juicy white...


Melon Pandaro Butter Cookies (10 Piece Set)

$6.81 USD

Fresh melon, creamy butter and… a panda face? Don’t let the super cute panda shape fool you!


Umaibo Sugar Rusk Flavor(10piece set)

$3.98 USD

Umaibos are puffed cylindrical corn snack loved by young and old in Japan. Different from the usual Umaibos which are...


Caramel Corn Lemon Squash Flavor

$3.22 USD

Feeling something a little sour? We got you! This limited edition Caramel Corn is a collabed with juice and candy...