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TokyoTreat June 2021 - Anime Marathon Munchies


MochiMochi Chocolat Sakura Mochi

$5 USD   $3.64 USD

Missing spring? We've got you! Fill up on chewy and sweet sakura mochi with a matcha ganache filling for your...


KitKat Maple

$4.53 USD

Calling all sweet tooths! This Japanese KitKat has some major Canadian vibes. You won’t be able to stop munching on...


Uncle Pierre's Buttercream Roll Cake (10 piece set)

$5.64 USD   $3.68 USD

This fluffy and sweet strawberry cream roll cake makes for a great light breakfast or a snack or even as...


Dragon Potato Tasty Chili Flavor

$4.25 USD

Are you ready to take on the dragon?! The addictive spicy flavor of these curly chips is cut with mellow...


Fanta Yogurt Rush

$4.36 USD   $2.72 USD

Fanta Yogurt Rush is here to wipe away fatigue and give you a sweet boost! The muscat yogurt flavored soda...


That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Kogumi Gummies

$3.18 USD   $1.99 USD

That time my snack got reincarnated as slime Kogumi Gummies! These awesome mini gummies feature 4 designs of Rimuru Tempest...


Abekko Ramune Candies(10 piece set)

$3.64 USD   $1.71 USD

These Japanese Ramune candies come in 1 of 5 of yummy fruity flavors!


Melon Bread Cookie(10 piece set)

$3.64 USD   $2.27 USD

One of Japan’s most famous breads is melon bread! With this Melon Bread cookie you can enjoy Japan's famous snack...


Sour Cola Gummy (10 Piece Set)

$1.80 USD

This cola bottle won't quench your thrist but it will help with cany cravings! This sour Japanese snack is an...


Lucky Cat Candy(10 piece set)

$2.84 USD

Inside this cute and retro design on the packet, you’ll find a cool candy! As you enjoy it, it changes...