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TokyoTreat March 2021 - Snack Bento


KitKat Peach Parfait

$4.80 USD

Someone managed to get a whole peach parfait into a KitKat! The creamy peach flavored center is sandwiched between crispy...


Tonkatsu Sauce Umaibo 10 piece set

$5.95 USD

*This set contains 10 pieces* This umaibo is inspired by that delicious tonkatsu sauce you get when you order deep...


Pokemon Hinamatsuri Snack Pack(5 piece set)

$1.08 USD

Your PokePals are ready for the Japanese festival Girls Day (3/3) in with these cute and tasty Pokemon Chocolate Snack...


Calbee Osaka Ginger Tempura Flavor

$3.87 USD

We’re going to Osaka! Red pickled ginger tempura is known as Osaka soul food, and you get to enjoy it...


Tohato Caramel Corn - Peach

$2.06 USD

To coincide with Doll's Day (March 3rd) TokyoTreat's favorite, Tohato, released a tasty limited edition peach flavor in their popular...


Pringles Miso Cup Ramen Flavor

$3.68 USD

Ramen lovers - you’re in for a treat! Pringles collabed with cup ramen makers Ace Cook for a limited time...


Pudding Mochi(10 piece set)

$2.36 USD   $1.48 USD

This soft and fluffy marshmallow is filled with a pudding cream paste. A tasty, Japanese dessert inspired snack! *IMPORTANTThis item...


Asahi Melon Cream Soda

$4.62 USD

The most iconic milky Japanese soda! This melon soda has a recognizably fresh flavor that’s cut with the sweet creamy...


Tarō-Beans(10 piece set)

$3.58 USD

Japanese traditional snacks are always tasty and unique! These tasty, crunchy and salty crackers feature a cute traditional folk tale...


Chocolate Dorayaki(10 piece set)

$5.93 USD

Tokyo is known for their delicious Dorayaki, a type of pancake sandwich typically filled with red bean, custard, or in...