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TokyoTreat November 2021 - Fruity Fall


KitKat Mont Blanc

$4.79 USD

Bringing you some MAJOR fall vibes with its chestnut flavored chocolate with a rum cream wafer center, KitKat is not...


Pocky Heartful Blueberry

$3.78 USD

FALL EXCLUSIVE POCKY ALERT! The pink heart shaped pretzel base is coated in blue sweet and sour blueberry chocolate! Blue...


Crunky x Demon Slayer Collab Cookies and Cream Choco

$3.78 USD

You gotta keep up your energy when you’re fighting demons! The creamy white chocolate of Crunky is filled with cookie...


Fanta White Peach

$4.42 USD

Just when you think there are no more Fanta fruit flavors - they bring out the limited edition Fanta White...


Koala's March Butter & White Chocolate

$3.51 USD

A snack with plenty of harvest goodness, these mini koala cookies have a gooey white chocolate and fermented butter center!


Karamucho Kumamoto Chili Tomato

$3.78 USD

Mixing fruity, sweet and spicy, the famous Kumamoto tomato is combined with spicy chili to give a tasty blend of...


Umaibo Chocolate 10 piece set

$5.34 USD

Everyone’s favorite umaibo is back with a flavor that is perfect for this holiday - chocolate! This scrumptious corn puff...


Constellation Chocolate Cookie(10 piece set)

$5.80 USD

Aren’t chocolate and cookies just the best match? Saitama is known for their great chocolate, so we wanted to bring...


Mr. Onion Snacks(10 piece set)

$7.63 USD

A tasty onion soup flavored bite size snack! Mr. Onion is a light treat that can easily fit in a...


Umaibō Cinnamon Apple Pie(10 Piece Set)

$6.72 USD

Are you ready to try this Tokyo limited edition treat! This sweet/sour snack has hints of cinnamon that elevate the...