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TokyoTreat October 2021 - Snack-Tastic Halloween!


KitKat Apple Cinnamon

$4.58 USD

Even ghosts can’t stop haunting this tasty pack of KitKats! With a fruity and slightly spicy combo of apple and...


Tongari Corn Halloween Butter Toast

$2.64 USD   $1.67 USD

These Japanese Tongari Corn snacks are bewitching! They have plenty of buttered toast flavor for a fall treat with plenty...


Crushed Strawberry Pocky

$3.76 USD

Pocky fans are going crazy over this crushed strawberry pocky! Enjoy the rich taste of strawberries interwoven with bittersweet cacao...


Calpis Soda Grape

$4.40 USD

Refreshing Calpis Soda Grape blends mellow grape into Calpis’ classic fizzy and milky goodness for a refreshing treat!


Pokemon Halloween Choco Corn (5 piece set)

$4.12 USD

It’s a Pokemon Halloween party! This spooky collection features Pikachu shaped chocolate corn snacks in cute Halloween packaging.The perfect snack...


Halloween Pizza Corn Snacks( 5 piece set)

$3.58 USD

Love pizza? Then you’re in luck, because these corn snacks are the perfect pizza flavor for any fan!


Cheese Umaibo(30 piece set)

$3.94 USD

Umaibo is Japan’s #1 favorite dagashi series. This time we have included a scrumptious cheese flavor that will keep your...


Japanese Mini Monster Gummies(12 piece set)

$3.03 USD

Fruity Japanese gummies with a refreshing sour kick, you need to enjoy your snack time the Mini Monster way! *This...


Mentai Umaiwa(10 piece set)

$5.31 USD

This umaibo is certainly unique, flavored with spicy fish roe! This snack has a delicious spicy edge to it, so...


Happy Halloween Fugashi(10 piece set)

$4.40 USD

This Japanese Halloween treat will melt in your mouth! Baked with wheat flour, it’s a light snack with a rich...