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TokyoTreat October 2021 - Snack-Tastic Halloween!


Maple Butter Beer Ramune Candy(10 piece set)

$4.33 USD

You don’t need to head to wizarding school for this fizzy candy! The mellow flavor of this ramune candy will...


Halloween Pizza Corn Snacks( 5 piece set)

$3.60 USD

Love pizza? Then you’re in luck, because these corn snacks are the perfect pizza flavor for any fan!


Cheese Umaibo(30 piece set)

$3.96 USD

Umaibo is Japan’s #1 favorite dagashi series. This time we have included a scrumptious cheese flavor that will keep your...


Oranda Rice Cracker(10 piece set)

$3.05 USD

The original thin and crispy cracker! This rice cracker has its rich flavor baked in, for a delicious and uniquely...


Happy Halloween Fugashi(10 piece set)

$4.42 USD

This Japanese Halloween treat will melt in your mouth! Baked with wheat flour, it’s a light snack with a rich...


Full Moon Pon Japanese Cracker(10 piece set)

$2.13 USD

A sweet and spicy soy sauce flavored cracker snack that is the perfect partner for some late night snacking and...


Red and Black Magic Gum(10 piece set)

$5.33 USD

Give your friends a surprise with this Japanese cola flavored gum! Chew it and it will turn your tongue red...