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YumeTwins April 2021 - Yume Slayer


Demon Slayer Mochi Plushies

$36 USD

Meet Tanjiro & Nezuko, the stars of the Demon Slayer series! Huggable and full of detail, either character brings an...


Retro Kawaii Pen Case

$7 USD

This pen case's charm is in its Harajuku retro pop design! As it's clear & see-through, you'll find what you...


4 Pc. Magnetic Bookmark Set

$5 USD

These handy placeholders can be used repeatedly inside any book, notebook, journal, manga, or planner. They hold one page or...


Demon Slayer Room Decoration

$23 USD

A pop-cultural spin on the classic 'tenugui' towel. A mainstay in Japanese homes for 1200+ years, use as a tabletop...


Demon Slayer Cable Bites

$18 USD

Charge up with your favorite cast of characters! This iPhone accessory prevents chargers from disconnecting and keeps cables tidy as...