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YumeTwins March 2021 - Sakura Wonderland


Mameshiba Sakura Puppy

$5.76 USD

Meet spring's newest mascot: Sasuke of the Mameshiba Triplets! Cat & dog people will both agree, this doggy is c-u-t-e!...


Kawaii Character Drawstring Pouch

$2.50 USD

The more you fill up this soft & stretchy 'kinchaku' style drawstring pouch, the more it becomes plushie-like, round and...


Kirby 8-Bit Coaster

$1.16 USD

Relive the glory days of old-school Nintendo with this retro-inspired drink coaster! Perfectly pixelated, the durable rubber material is waterproof...


Spring Blossom Kitchen Hot Mat

$0.55 USD

This multipurpose wizard is ideal as a pot holder, a glove, or even a plant stand! Use in the entryway...

Beauty tools

Yume-Kawaii Tamago Hairbrush

$1.26 USD

Pastel eggs in spring are a must! The egg-shaped design fits comfortably in your hand as it glides through your...


Sanrio Kitty Pals Pouch

$4.12 USD

This double zipper pouch with a fish tin motifーa feline favorite!ーis topped with a pull-tab shaped accent for full effect....