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Sakuraco Dec 2021 - Hokkaido Winter Festival


White Chocolate Noir Cookies(6 pieces)

$9 USD

These thin white sandwich cookies are made with cocoa butter and a smooth Hokkaido milk filling. Pair them with milk...


Walnut Mochi

$4 USD

Enjoy the smooth and chewy texture of mochi rice and sweet red bean paired with the texture of roasted walnut....

rice cracker

Corn Potage Senbei(14 pieces)

$9 USD

Made with Hokkaido corn, these sweet and salty senbei are the perfect light snack to pair with a roasted tea....


Yuzu Kuzumochi

$5 USD

Kuzumochi is a Japanese dessert made with fermented wheat starch, rather than mochi rice flour. The delicate dessert has a...

rice cracker

Scallop Senbei

$2 USD

Scallops are a specialty of Hokkaido and are a popular flavor for snacks, such as this scallop senbei. Infused with...


Hokkaido Milk Karinto

$5 USD

Karinto are a popular snack in Japan made by lightly frying a rice batter and coating it with delicious flavoring...


Red Bean Pudding

$5 USD

This pudding is made with sweet azuki beans, which were first introduced to Japan via China over 1000 years ago....


Banana Baumkuchen

$4 USD

This baumkuchen features the classic thin layer of sweet egg batter and is infused with fragrant banana flavor. Enjoy this...

ceramic cup

Ichimatsu Sake Cup

$10 USD

The checkered pattern in Japanese culture is synonymous with prosperity as it continues without end. It was used in the...


Hokkaido Cream Bread

$4 USD

This fluffy sweet bread has a smooth cream filling made with milk from Hokkaido. Bakeries first became popular in Japan...