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Sakuraco January 2022 - New Years in Kamakura


Dried Persimmon Mochi

$9 USD

This beautifully soft mochi are inspired by the flavor of dried persimmon or hoshigaki, a Japanese tradition made by peeling...


Chestnut Red Bean Bread

$4 USD

Chestnut is a traditional flavor in Japan enjoyed throughout autumn and winter. This fluffy bread is made with pannetone yeast...


Shirasu Pie (5 pieces)

$8 USD

Shirasu are small, juvenile fish that feature heavily in traditional Japanese cuisine and are a local specialty in Kanagawa. This...

japanese tea

Sencha Infused Matcha (5 pieces)

$7 USD

Made with organically grown green tea, this blend features rich matcha cultivated by Mount Fuji for a rich, but not...


Fresh Cream Baumkuchen

$4 USD

A popular breakfast or afternoon tea cake, this layered German cake is now more prevalent in Japan than its native...


Berry Shortcake Rusk (3 pieces)

$8 USD

This beautiful rusk features a lovely swirl and the rich buttery flavors of a berry shortcake. Enjoy it with tea...


Yokohama Caramel Ring Cake (10 pieces)

$24 USD

Wonderfully moist and indulgent, this ring cake is made by soaking the dough in caramel sauce for a fragrant and...


Brown Sugar Kuzumochi

$5 USD

Kuzumochi is a traditional dessert made from fermented wheat starch. This brown sugar version has a gentle sweetness that pairs...

rice cracker

Plum and Shiso Snacks

$4 USD

These delightful rice snacks are infused with the classic flavor pairing of shiso (Japanese basil) and dried plum. Traditionally, many...

japanese goods

Sakura Petal Chopsticks

$5 USD

Crafted by Tanaka Hashi, which has been producing quality lacquered chopsticks since 1948. This beautiful set features the classic imagery...