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Sakuraco June 2021 - Summertime Citrus


Summer Citrus Monaka(6 piece set)

$7.90 USD   $5.75 USD

Inside this crispy monaka wafer, you’ll find a fresh citrus surprise. Mixing Hyuganatsu, a popular summer citrus fruit with a...


Fresh Orange Cake

$6.14 USD   $4.66 USD

Made with locally sourced eggs, the Fresh Orange Cake by Tenkei adds orange peel to the cake mix before carefully...


Waraku no Sato Salt Yokan

$7.56 USD

Easy for an on the go snack, this Salt Yokan blends the flavors of sweet anko with a salt accent....


Hōjicha Warabi Mochi

$3.93 USD

Soothing and rich, Hōjicha Warabi Mochi is what you need when you’re looking for a light snack. It has a...