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Sakuraco May 2021 - Mochi & Sakura Tasting Tour


Fukuruko Shiruko

$9.39 USD

Inside the blowfish shaped monaka wafers (thought to be a symbol of good luck), you’ll find a mochi surprise. It...


Sakura Owan Bowl

$18.48 USD

Give your dinner a little bit of spring flare. You’ll find a sakura shaped base and subtle sakura motif on...


Himesakura Kuzumochi

$13.03 USD

Incorporating the delicate flavor of sakura, this traditional sweet is known for its beautiful translucency and soft texture. Sprinkle the...


Azuki Warabi Mochi

$9.39 USD

This warabi mochi is a soft treat that is often enjoyed in the warmer months. This one features the unique...


Plum Mochi

$10.55 USD   $4.85 USD

This delicious and addictive mochi combines sweet marshmallow and sour plum jam (from Wakayama prefecture) for its filling. Chewy, sweet...


Sakura Sencha Tea (5 piece set)

$5.75 USD

Explore the bitter flavor and sakura aroma of Brook’s sakura sencha blend. Sencha is a Japanese green tea, and it’s...


Sakura Cream Sandwich (5 piece set)

$12.31 USD   $10.57 USD

If you can’t come and see the sakura in Japan, we’ll bring them to you. These delicate wafers made from...


Kinako Mochi

$9.39 USD

Crispy, light and sweet, Kinako Mochi highlights a different side of mochi, one that melts in your mouth. These bitesize...


Rikishi Mochi Monaka

$14.07 USD   $5.57 USD

If you have a sumo-like hunger, Rikishi Mochi Monaka is the snack you need. Sumo are said to eat mochi...


Kanten Sakura Mochi

$11.21 USD

The combination of agar (a plant-based gelatin common in many Japanese desserts) and mochi, this treat has an irresistible chewy...