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Sakuraco September 2021 - Tokyo Matsuri



$4 USD

Melon pan is a classic street pastry in Japan with a sugar-coated crust inspired by the crisscross pattern of a...


Tiramisu Baumkuchen

$4 USD   $2 USD

Bamkuchken translates to "tree cake" in German. The cake was first introduced to Japan over 100 years ago by a...


Hanabi Jelly

$5 USD

A beautiful clear jelly with a pattern inspired by fireworks. Watch how the pattern changes depending on the angle. Features...


Festival Castella Bites

$6 USD   $2 USD

Castella are a popular dessert at street festivals and come in various shapes and sizes. The batter is poured into...


Tokyo Banana Manju (12 piece set)

$15 USD   $13 USD

Inspired by the chocolate bananas that are a staple at festival stalls, this manju is made with delicate, sweet egg...


Kaminari Ginger Okoshi (16 piece set)

$15 USD   $7 USD

"Kaminari-okoshi", named after Asakusa Kaminarimon, is a classic sweet that has been around since the Edo period as a lucky...


Handcrafted Ginger Cinnamon Candy

$8 USD

・ Hard candy that is kneaded, shaped, and cut by hand using traditional methods. ・ The production methods create a...


Kobayashi Mentaiko Beans

$7 USD

Crispy, crunchy beans, flavored with spicy cod roe from Fukuoka Prefecture. This is a speciality of the region and is...


Spring Water Utage Jelly

$5 USD

Refreshing jelly made with green apples and natural spring water. Perfect way to cool down during the heat of summer.


Japan's 4 Seasons Side Dish

$9 USD

This lacquerware plate is the perfect size for snacks or small cakes. It features the beautiful gold design of sakura...