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TokyoTreat April 2020 - Sakura Snacktime!


Sakura Mochi KitKats

$6.96 USD

This new seasonal KitKat captures the spirit of sakura season with its take on the popular sakura mochi! The gentle...


Sakura Pocky

$4.49 USD   $1.90 USD

Classic Pocky got an high-end spring makeover with this new limited edition treat! The mellow butter pretzel base is wrapped...


Banana Man Japanese marshmallow

$0.37 USD

This fluffy, sweet, and all around yummy marshmallow Japanese snack is a popular treat in Japan. The chocolate and banana...


Sakura Milk Caramel Corn

$2.61 USD

A limited edition treat in sakura packaging! The mellow milk flavor of the corn is enhanced by the fresh sakura...


Japanese Turtle Crackers(10 piece set)

$3.69 USD

This crunchy treat takes inspiration from nature! Turtle Crackers have a gentle sweetness and take their name from the shape...


Sakura Nectar Peach

$6.34 USD   $4.88 USD

This spring exclusive version of Japan’s most popular peach juice combines white peach puree and Japan grown sakura extract in...


Yamato Salty Fries

$0.64 USD

A salty, bite size snack! These crunchy fries have light texture that make them a great little snack, anytime, anywhere!


Aji Japanese Curry Chips(10 piece set)

$4.63 USD

A light corn chip snack that is a must try for curry lovers! The addictive curry taste will hook you...


Wasabi Cheese Cheetos

$1.38 USD

Dangerously cheesy with a wasabi twist! The traditional Japanese wasabi flavor blends with the classic Cheetos cheese, creating a crunchy,...


Pandaro Butter Cookie(10 piece set)

$7.83 USD

Need a buttery snack? Pandaro is here to help! Crunchy with a creamy taste, these panda shaped treats are the...