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TokyoTreat August 2020 - Summer Vacation


Umai Sugar Rusk(10 piece set)

$12 USD

This sweet corn snack has a yummy crispy crunchy texture and is finished with a sweet sugary flavor. How delicious!...


Tonkatsu Sauce Umaibo 30 piece set

$6 USD

*This set contains 30 pieces* This umaibo is inspired by that delicious tonkatsu sauce you get when you order deep...


KitKat Salt Lychee

$9 USD

We’re feeling the tropical island vibe with this new Japanese KitKat! The fresh, fruity and slightly sweet lychee cream uses...


Pure Gummy Pikachu: Tropical Flavor

$4 USD

Who’s that Gummy?! It’s Pikachu! Pure Gummy’s collab with Pokemon is the tropical treat we need this summer! It’s made...


Japanese Brown Sugar Bar

$1 USD

This delicious brown sugar and honey bar just melts in your mouth! Eating it will transport you all the way...


Ramune Hi-Chew

$3 USD

Japanese summer isn’t complete without ramune! Ramune Hi-Chew is a Japanese summer exclusive that comes in two flavors, Ramune and...


Coca-Cola Vanilla Orange

$11 USD

Are you ready for some refreshing Japanese soda?! This Japanese Coke perfectly blends two popular flavors, Orange & Vanilla, to...


Japanese Caramel Corn Snack(10 piece set)

$13 USD

When you’re not too hungry, a light and airy snack is exactly what you need! Caramel Corn is the perfect...


Japanese Sour Lemon Gum

$2 USD

Shake off fatigue with a sour burst! This Japanese gum will give you a lemon flavored burst that will help...


Setouchi Sea Salt & Lemon Rice Crackers

$2 USD

Enjoy the refreshing taste of the Japanese seaside in these light and airy treats! These salty rice crackers feature an...