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TokyoTreat November 2020 - Awesome Autumn


Cheese Umaibo(10 piece set)

$2.58 USD

Umaibo is Japan’s #1 favorite dagashi series. This time we have included a scrumptious cheese flavor that will keep your...


Pocky Tasty

$3.91 USD

This Pocky is certainly Tasty! The delicious pretzel base is made with rich and creamy fermented butter, and the chocolate...


Constellation Chocolate Cookie(10 piece set)

$3.85 USD

Aren’t chocolate and cookies just the best match? Saitama is known for their great chocolate, so we wanted to bring...


DyDo X Demon Slayer Sweet Coffee

$5.12 USD

Need some energy to fight the demons? We’ve got you! This tasty and sweet coffee features 1 of 12 different...


Japanese Turtle Crackers(10 piece set)

$3.68 USD

This crunchy treat takes inspiration from nature! Turtle Crackers have a gentle sweetness and take their name from the shape...


Uncle Pierre's Buttercream Roll Cake (10 piece set)

$6.32 USD

This fluffy and sweet strawberry cream roll cake makes for a great light breakfast or a snack or even as...


Aji Japanese Curry Chips(10 piece set)

$4.62 USD

A light corn chip snack that is a must try for curry lovers! The addictive curry taste will hook you...


Kimchi Rice Puffs 10 piece set

$5.93 USD

*This set contains 10 pieces* Kimchi is a popular flavor throughout Japan, and these rice puffs perfectly recreate the kimchi...


Mochi Taro(10 piece set)

$3.49 USD

Mochi fans, this is not to be missed! This mochi snack has been deep fried to become crispy and crunchy....


Caramel Taro Biscuit(10 piece set)

$5.37 USD

Any fans of caramel out there? Then you've lucked out with this caramel flavored peanut shaped biscuit! You won't be...