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TokyoTreat November 2020 - Awesome Autumn


Chicken Ramen Snacks (10 piece set)

$3.89 USD

Are you a ramen fan? Now you can enjoy it with 0 effort! These crunchy dried noodles are an addictive...


Fried Potato Chips(10 piece set)

$5.33 USD

Potato lovers rejoice! This snack is a full-fledged fried potato treat! It has a delicious spicy garlic and ginger flavor...


KitKat Japanese Cheesecake

$6.71 USD

Cheesecake is super popular here in Japan! And we wanted to share it with you in KitKat form! The cheesecake...


Sweet Potato Osatsu Crackers (50g)

$2.64 USD

Inspired by Japanese sweet potatoes (Satsumaimo), the crackers have a perfect balance between salty and sweet. And they come in...


Coconut Sable Cookies - Sweet Potato And Chestnut Flavor

$3.74 USD

These cookies are the must try Japanese treat of Autumn 2020! These crispy biscuits are made with plenty of sweet...


Calbee Kataage Chips Plum & Bonito Flavor

$2.89 USD

Made by slowly frying the thick cut chips for an extra crunch, the Kataage chips balance the fishy savory flavor...