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TokyoTreat December 2020 - Merry Snackmas!


Chocolate Mochi

$1.81 USD   $1.80 USD

This chocolate snack has a bitter chocolate coating surrounding a mochi and sweet chocolate sauce center.


KitKat Sparkling Wine (12 pcs)

$5.26 USD   $3.49 USD

How better to celebrate than with the Japan limited-edition Sparkling Wine KitKat! This KitKat has a gentle sparkling wine flavor...


Umai Sugar Rusk(10 piece set)

$8.83 USD

This sweet corn snack has a yummy crispy crunchy texture and is finished with a sweet sugary flavor. How delicious!...


Tonkatsu Sauce Umaibo 10 piece set

$5.94 USD

*This set contains 10 pieces* This umaibo is inspired by that delicious tonkatsu sauce you get when you order deep...


Pepsi Caramel Punch 490ml

$4.17 USD   $2.83 USD

We’re bringing you a sweet soda to share with Santa! This Japan-exclusive Pepsi has a rich and sweet caramel flavor...


Lucky Corn Salt Flavor (10 piece set)

$9.67 USD

Sometimes simple is best. These 'Lucky' corn snacks are a light salt flavor. Simple yet delicious! *This set contains 10...


Melty Kiss Matcha

$3.68 USD

These soft, winter limited edition chocolate treats will literally melt in your mouth. And their rich matcha center will have...


Soda Soft Candy 10 piece set

$7.09 USD

*This set contains 10 pieces* When you eat these their sweet and sour taste envelops your mouth and leaves you...


Uncle Pierre’s Roll Cake(10 Piece Set)

$6.30 USD

Uncle Pierre’s mini roll cake mixes sweet and sour flavors with it’s tasty strawberry cream filling, all wrapped in a...


Scone: Dark Basil Sauce & Genovese Cheese Flavor

$3.05 USD

A luxurious and light treat, corn snack scone has made a treat all cheese lovers have to try! Made with...