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TokyoTreat January 2021 - New Year, New Snacks


Lucky New Year Taiyaki Snack

$0.99 USD

Are you familiar with taiyaki? Taiyaki is a fish-shaped baked good sold throughout Japan and it contains various fillings. This...


Porickey Brown Sugar Sticks(10 Piece Set)

$3.23 USD

These crunchy pretzel sticks are a yummy brown sugar flavor! You won’t be able to put the bag down!


KitKat Onsen Manju

$4.37 USD

These tasty KitKats could only be picked up in hot spring resorts until this year - but now we’re bringing...


Aji Cheese (10 Piece Set)

$3.61 USD

These crunchy crackers are a cheese lovers dream snack! They make a great light (yet fufilling snack) but leave you...


Japanese Turtle Crackers(10 piece set)

$3.70 USD

This crunchy treat takes inspiration from nature! Turtle Crackers have a gentle sweetness and take their name from the shape...


Pandaro Butter Cookie(10 piece set)

$7.86 USD

Need a buttery snack? Pandaro is here to help! Crunchy with a creamy taste, these panda shaped treats are the...


Koikeya Pride Potato Seaweed Salt Chips

$2.38 USD   $1.86 USD

The chips use 3 types of seaweed salt, making them a timeless, savory and crunchy snack. *IMPORTANTThis item will expire...


Mochi Taro(10 piece set)

$3.51 USD

Mochi fans, this is not to be missed! This mochi snack has been deep fried to become crispy and crunchy....


Taiarare Japanese Crackrers(10 piece set)

$3.80 USD

Taiarare Crackers are a slightly sweet and nostalgic tasting snack! They come in the shape of little fish, so don't...


Koala's March x Pokemon Cheesecake Flavor

$2.66 USD

Can you catch all these cheesecake chocolate filled cookies? Koala’s March collabed with Pokemon to create these tasty, creamy cookies...