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TokyoTreat July 2020 - Midsummer Munchies!


KitKat Citrus Mint

$6.49 USD   $3.12 USD

Everyone needs a refreshing pick me up! These Citrus Mint mini KitKats are a fresh minty treat with toasted crepe...


Doritos Wasabi Soy Sauce

$3.50 USD

Have you eaten the must try Japanese Dorito of 2020? The refreshing wasabi and savory soy sauce blend perectly together...


Japanese Corn Potage Snack

$0.98 USD

The northern prefecture of Hokkaido has multiple specialities, including corn! These crunchy corn potage flavored crisps are the perfect snack...


Strawberry Daifuku(10 piece set)

$7.82 USD

Strawberries are the best sweet and sour refreshing treat! And the strawberry paste in this fluffy daifuku marshmallow will help...


Japanese Gummy Kiss

$0.41 USD

Everyone hopes for a little romance! Even if it is from a gummy… This delicious and chewy Japanese grape gummy...


Japanese Festival Sign Choco

$0.41 USD

Nothing screams Japan more than a summer festival! This bitesize chocolate is super tasty, and it comes with a festival...


Minty Animals

$0.41 USD

Mighty & Minty! These cute animals contain some refreshing easy to enjoy mints that are the best thing when you...


Marukawa Orange Gum

$0.42 USD

The juicy orange flavors in Marukawa orange gum will have your mouth watering! The fresh and long lasting taste of...


Poriky Corn

$0.46 USD

Salty snacks can be a refreshing snack all year round! These corn potage Poriky pretzel sticks are a addictivly crunchy...


Japanese Salty Popcorn

$0.65 USD

What do we do with lazy nights in? Watch movies of course! And this Japanese popcorn is a must! Fluffy...