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TokyoTreat October 2020 - Hungry Hungry Halloween


KitKat - Halloween Apple Pie (12 pcs.)

$6.57 USD

Don’t let the purple color of these mysterious Kit Kats trick you! They’re a delicious apple pie flavor that goes...


Pringles Mystery Flavor

$3.40 USD

Can you guess this flavor? Pringles Japan made their own limited edition Japanese mystery flavor limited to Japan! Don't miss...


Lipton Creme Brulee Milk Tea (450ml)

$4.88 USD

Halloween is when the nights get longer and spookier. But the sweet, caramel flavor of the new, Halloween limited edition...


Pringles Tom Yum Kung

$3.40 USD

Enjoy the flavors of Asia with Pringles! This Thai seafood dish has been made into Asia limited editon Pringles! Perfect...


Caramel Corn Pumpkin Pudding Flavor

$3.23 USD

Can you take on this sweet vampire? The delicious, light and fluffy classic Tohato Caramel Corn has a Halloween surprise!...


Sweet Potato Karusatsuma Sticks

$2.66 USD

The packaging might be giving you a scary look, but inside you’ll find a tasty surprise! Crunchy pretzel sticks with...


Chip Star Old Tokyo Soy Sauce

$3.40 USD

Japanese chips don't get better than this! Enjoy the rich and savory soy sauce with bonito flakes worked into the...


Halloween Pizza Corn Snacks( 5 piece set)

$3.59 USD

Love pizza? Then you’re in luck, because these corn snacks are the perfect pizza flavor for any fan! *This set...


Halloween Brown Sugar Sweets 10 piece set

$3.51 USD

Enjoy the spooky deliciousness of these special Halloween sweets seasoned in brown sugar. You’ll be shocked at how tasty they...


Pokemon Halloween Choco Corn (5 piece set)

$5.26 USD

It’s a Pokemon Halloween party! This spooky collection features Pikachu shaped chocolate corn snacks in cute Halloween packaging.The perfect snack...