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TokyoTreat October 2020 - Hungry Hungry Halloween


Maple Butter Beer Ramune Candy(10 piece set)

$6.55 USD   $4.11 USD

You don’t need to head to wizarding school for this fizzy candy! The mellow flavor of this ramune candy will...


Pokemon Halloween Choco Corn (5 piece set)

$4.82 USD

It’s a Pokemon Halloween party! This spooky collection features Pikachu shaped chocolate corn snacks in cute Halloween packaging.The perfect snack...


Mentai Umaiwa(10 piece set)

$8.05 USD

This umaibo is certainly unique, flavored with spicy fish roe! This snack has a delicious spicy edge to it, so...


Monster Stamp Ramune Candy (10 piece set)

$6.54 USD

Is it a stamp? Is it candy? It’s both! Lick this ramune soda candy and then you can use it...


Franken-Gum (10 piece set)

$6.42 USD

A Halloween treat with a hidden surprise! This tasty soda flavored gum will turn your mouth green. Try it with...


Monster Monster Gum Energy Flavor(10 piece set)

$6.91 USD

Some monsters are sweet, some are sour! And this tasty pack of gum features both! But which one you’ll be...


Japanese Ghoulish Gummies Party Pack (30 piece set)

$9.12 USD

It's a spooky Halloween party and you're invited! Enjoy some of these scary and sweet gummy treats! This party pack...


Halloween Pudding Marshmallow Party Pack (30 pcs.)

$8.52 USD

Scary and sweet! But you don’t need to worry about this friendly ghost. Inside the sweet marshmallow you’ll find a...


Bubbly Taiyaki Berry Zombie (10 piece set)

$11.36 USD

This is one zombie you’ll wanna bite! Inside the crunchy green and black Japanese fish shaped wafer, you’ll find fruity...


Tabeko Buttery Halloween Animal Crackers (8 piece set)

$7.80 USD

A simple, yet tasty and satisying buttery cracker in the shape of cute animals in a Halloween limited edition package!...