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TokyoTreat September 2020 - Time Travel Treats


KitKat Sea Salt Mini (12pcs)

$5.96 USD

These NEW KitKats are the perfect combination of Japanese setouchi sea salt and white chocolate. The usual plastic packaging has...


UCC Milk Coffee Can (EVANGELION 2020)

$5.61 USD

Super popular Japanese coffee company UCC collaborated with Evangelion to celebrate their new theatrical release! There are a total of...


Festival Sauce Cabbage Chips

$0.94 USD

These crunchy but light corn snacks taste like a Japanese festival! With their tasty cabbage flavor with very saucy accents,...


Sparrow Egg Peanuts(10 piece set)

$10.27 USD

These little egg shaped peanuts have a crunchy, sweet and spicy soy sauce flavored coating! The retro packaging is also...


Umaibō Seaweed Salt Flavo

$0.59 USD

Umaibō took 5 years, carefully selecting their new flavor before launching this Seaweed Salt snack! Their simple salty flavor from...


Saucy Soba Snacks

$0.85 USD

Noodles are always a popular Japanese snack, especially at a Summer festival! The savory and sweet sauce flavor will have...


Summer Festival Ramune Candy

$1.07 USD

Ramune is one of the most timeless Japanese sodas! This fizzy and crunchy ramune candy treat is one that will...


Pon Rice Bar

$0.84 USD

Using domestically grown rice, this crunchy and puffy rice treat has a sweet and spicy flavor from the soy sauce...


Nostalgic Sauce Senbei

$1.09 USD

Make your own saucy senbei treat! On top of this milky senbei, add the special sauce and enjoy the crunchy...


Mocchan Dango

$1.25 USD

Mochi is the ultimate traditional Japanese treat! This 3 piece set of chewy, cute and colorful mochi will have you...