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TokyoTreat May 2021 - Happy 6th Birthday TokyoTreat


Texas Corn Potage Snack (10 piece set)

$9.82 USD

Creamy Japanese corn potage is now here in crunchy snack form to warm you up! This crispy snack tastes like you’re...


Aji Cheese (10 Piece Set)

$3.63 USD

These crunchy crackers are a cheese lovers dream snack! They make a great light (yet fufilling snack) but leave you...


Pringles : Fish and Chips

$2.30 USD

Japan Pringles is bringing British food to the Japanese palate with fish & chips flavor. These have the perfect balance...


Tirol Sakura Mochi Chocolate

$2.31 USD

This limited edition popular spring chocolate is back! Chewy mochi wrapped in sakura and red bean chocolate with a light...


Grape Soda Gummy (10 piece set)

$3.96 USD

After a long night of trick-or-treating, a sour shock in your candy is just what we need! Enjoy this refreshing...


Full Moon Pon Japanese Cracker

$2.20 USD

A sweet and spicy soy sauce flavored cracker snack that is the perfect partner for some late night snacking and...


Yaokin Melon Bread Biscuits 10 piece set

$8.89 USD

*This set contains 10 pieces* Melon bread is a must try treat from Japan! These little biscuits are shaped like...


KitKat Whole Grain Biscuit

$4.49 USD

CRUNCH! These sweet KitKats are a first for Japan. Inside the chocolate you’ll find light and crunchy whole grain biscuit...


Bubbly Taiyaki Melon Soda Flavor

$2.97 USD

Taiyaki time! Inside the two green fish shaped monaka wafers, you’ll find airy chocolate with a sweet melon soda flavored...


Cheerio Kiss Choco Mint Soda

$4.68 USD

Japan’s first ever chocolate mint soda! With its sweet and fresh flavor and emerald blue color, this seasonal exclusive is...