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Butamen - Mini-instant noodle - Salt Flavor

$1 USD

An iconic mini-instant noodle that's commonly found at dagashiya all across the country, Butamen franchise is a treat that's been loved by people of all ages. Its popularity has cemented its place in Japanese pop cutlure with its appearance in the popular manga/anime series Dagashi Kashi. This time we bring you the tasty salt flavor that's a combination of vegetable and pork broth. Just add boiling water to the mini-cup and wait 3 minutes before diving in. Each Butamen comes with a mini-fork included upon delivery. This snack contains meat product which may or may not be confiscated by customs depending on your country.

Please note, best before date for this item is 20 July 2017.

Weight: 45g
Manufacturer: Oyatsu-company

Availability: Sold Out