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Calbee Sapporo Potato - Barbecue Flavor

$2 USD

Celebrating it's 45th anniversary, Calbee continues to please with their Sappor Potato franchise. Sapporo potato chips came to life in 1972, the same year as the Sapporo Olympics where it got it's name. Sapporo potato chips were also the first Calbee snack to use potatoes as the main ingredient. This time, we bring you the barbecue flavor which boast bold flavors of beef, chicken, pumpkin and oninon. The delicious flavors are kneaded into the chips before being fried and seasoned once again at the end for a burst of tasty barbecue like flavor.
* This snack contains meat product which may or may not be confiscated by customs depending on your country.

Weight: 93g
Manufacturer: Calbee

Availability: Sold Out