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DODO 3 Tier Rocket Lips

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Due to excess inventory, we’ve reduced the price to offer you even more savings!

Step up your lip game with the DODO 3 Tier Rocket Lip – a trio of lip magic packed into one stylish package!

Experience the best of all worlds:
GLOSSY for a high-color, trendsetting shine; MATTE for a velvety touch perfect for a night out; and BALM for ultimate lip hydration. Infused with a stunning blend of 11 beauty ingredients, this versatile lip solution not only covers every shade and texture craving but also pampers your lips with nourishing care.

From captivating colors to moisturizing magic, the DODO 3 Tier Rocket Lip is your go-to partner for all your lip moods and desires.

Elevate your lip game with this rocket-powered transformation!

Weight: 22g
Manufacturer: dodo

Availability: In Stock     Get it within: 7-10 business days

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