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Eishindo Konjac Warabimochi - Black Sugar

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Traditionally made with sugar and bracken starch to give the snack a wobbly jelly-like texture and then covered in sweet roasted soybean flour, Warabimochi is a simple wagashi that is enjoyed best when chilled. Recently, warabimochi has gotten global attention because its inspired the now famous "raindrop cake." This time we bring you a variation of warabimochi is that is made with konjaku plant, which is known for it's high nutritional value and it's firmer texture. The addition of black suggar sourced from Okinawa adds an extra dimension and depth of flavor compared to the original snack. The gelatinous texture combined with the sweet but nutty soybean flour makes for a perfect summer snack or dessert once chilled. Pair with a cup of green tea for an authentic Japanese snacking experience!

Please note, best before date for this item is 24 October 2017.

Weight: 208g
Manufacturer: eishindo

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