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Lucky Bag

Goodies Surprise Sale Box

$28 USD

Note: Each box includes sample items exclusive to Japan only brands which have been used as display and samples items. Some items may have slight marks or lines on them. Each item has been carefully inspected to ensure that it still meets our high standards of quality and cuteness!

Introducing the Japan-exclusive Goodies Surprise Sale Box!

The ultimate collection of limited-edition Japanese kawaii and cuddly plushies and surprise goodies!

Each surprise box is curated with four limited edition sample items that you won't find anywhere else! Each box is a mix of Japanese plushies from brands like Sanrio, San-X and Pokemon, extra cute animal plushies and surprise miscellaneous goodies, including pillows and mugs!

Each box includes Japan-only items! And the best part is you can save up to 60% on retail value with this kawaii Goodies  Surprise Sale Box. These samples are a unique way to own a piece of exclusive Japanese plushies and merch to your collections!

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Weight: 1500g
Manufacturer: Premium

Availability: In Stock     Get it within: 7-10 business days


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