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Explore the beauty of Japan's cherry blossoms through snacks!

Lucky Cat Festival Tenugui

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Celebrate the festive spirit with the Lucky Cat Festival Tenugui, a charming hand towel adorned with joyful maneki neko (beckoning lucky cats) reveling in a festival atmosphere.

The lively scene captures the cats engaged in Dezome-shiki, an acrobatic performance traditionally presented during New Year festivities by firefighters.

Crafted using the traditional tenugui manufacturing method, this hand towel remains uncut and untreated at both ends, showcasing the authenticity of its production.

Bring a touch of cultural richness and good fortune to your daily routine with the Lucky Cat Festival Tenugui.

*Size: approx. 90cm (length) by approx. 35 cm (width) Material: 100% cotton

*Size may vary depending on cutting.

Weight: 40g
Manufacturer: Other

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