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Mentaiko Cod Roe Mayo Pizza Chips

$5 USD

Looking for a snack that packs a punch?

Look no further than Mentaiko Cod Roe Mayo Pizza Chips! These thickly sliced potato chips are loaded with a satisfyingly thick melted cheese, and the mild mayo flavor perfectly balances out the spicy cod roe flavor.

The result?

An addictive thick pizza potato chip that will have you reaching for more. Don't believe us? Give them a try and taste the bold flavors for yourself!

This product contains meat. JapanHaul is not responsible for any import related issues that may arise due to importing meat substances. Please check your local regulations regarding importing meat products before ordering.

Weight: 64g
Manufacturer: Calbee

Availability: In Stock     Get it within: 7-10 business days


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