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Miso & Walnut Mochi Soft Candy

$7 USD   $4.20 USD

Indulge in a unique and delicious snack that's bursting with the savory flavors of Japan!

Introducing our Miso & Walnut Mochi Soft Candy, wrapped in an oblate for an authentic and traditional experience. Crafted with premium rice flour, Tomoe Hokkaido's Blessing Miso, a traditional Japanese seasoning made from fermented soybeans, and the crispy texture of walnuts, each bite delivers a perfect balance of salty and nutty flavors that's sure to satisfy your cravings.

But what makes this snack even more special is that it's wrapped in an oblate, a thin and edible paper made from wheat starch that's commonly used in Japanese sweets. The oblate adds a unique texture and enhances the overall experience of the candy.

Note: Each piece of mochi is individually wrapped with oblate and white powdered starch to prevent sticking. 

*IMPORTANT This item will expire on Jul 20. Depending on the shipping company, it may not arrive before the expiration date. Please check the date before consumption. Thank you for understanding.

Weight: 115g
Manufacturer: Tengudo

Availability: In Stock     Get it within: 7-10 business days

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