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Explore the beauty of Japan's cherry blossoms through snacks!

Miso & Walnut Mochi Soft Candy

$7 USD

Indulge in a unique and delicious snack that's bursting with the savory flavors of Japan!

Introducing our Miso & Walnut Mochi Soft Candy, wrapped in an oblate for an authentic and traditional experience. Crafted with premium rice flour, Tomoe Hokkaido's Blessing Miso, a traditional Japanese seasoning made from fermented soybeans, and the crispy texture of walnuts, each bite delivers a perfect balance of salty and nutty flavors that's sure to satisfy your cravings.

But what makes this snack even more special is that it's wrapped in an oblate, a thin and edible paper made from wheat starch that's commonly used in Japanese sweets. The oblate adds a unique texture and enhances the overall experience of the candy.

Note: Each piece of mochi is individually wrapped with oblate and white powdered starch to prevent sticking. 

Weight: 115g
Manufacturer: Tengudo

Availability: In Stock     Get it within: 7-10 business days

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