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Yokan & Jelly

Nebuta Godfish Apple Yokan (2 pieces)

$15 USD Out of stock

Indulge in these charming, cherished apple yokan from Aomori Prefecture.

These sweet treats are crafted using Aomori red apple paste, the prefecture's prized fruit.

 The wrappers of the yokan resemble kingyo nebuta, or goldfish lanterns, paying homage to Aomori's beloved Nebuta Festival. Goldfish, symbolizing summer in Japan, are particularly cherished in Aomori, where hundreds of kingyo nebuta light up the city during the festival.

*To eat: After unwrapping, stab the yokan with a toothpick or fork and the thin protective film will break.

Remove and enjoy!

Weight: 63g
Manufacturer: Jyoboshi Takeuchi Candy Factory Ltd.

Availability: Out of Stock


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