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Rilakkuma New Year Mochi

$5.04 USD   $1.38 USD

Ever wondered about some of Japanese New Year traditions? Now you can experience one tradition with this adorable Rilakkuma New Year Mochi. This item not only makes a cute decoration but it's also edible. Best of all, after eating the mochi, you are left with a cute Rilakkuma mini-figure. To enjoy the mochis, just toast them in a toaster oven for 2-3 minutes or use a non-stick frying pan to bake them. Once the mochis puff up or have a slightly brown color to them they are done! Add a dab of soy sauce or any other condiment that goes well with rice to enjoy! Mochis have an extremely chewy and glutinous texture so remember to take small bites to prevent choking on them! Even if you don't intend to eat the mochis, this New Year Rilakkuma item makes for a super adorable decoration that you'll want to put on display for all to see!

Please note, best before date for this item is April 2017.

Weight: 87g
Manufacturer: Kimura foods

Availability: Sold Out