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Pokémon Trading Card Game: Scarlet & Violet Obsidian Flames Booster Box (30 Packs)

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Gotta collect 'em all with the Pokémon Card Game Scarlet & Violet Obsidian Flames Booster Box (released on July 28, 2023)!

In addition to the Obsidian Flame booster pack, this set includes powerful cards from previous releases, making it the perfect set to build a deck.

Additionally, the “Battle VIP Pass” which was included in “Fusion Arts” (released in September 2021) is re-released in this series for the first time.

  • Boost your Pokémon card collection with this exciting addition to the series!
  • Note: -Each box contains 150 cards divided into 30 packs with 5 cards in each pack. -Cards are randomly placed in each pack.*

Note: To ensure authenticity, the original shrink wrap has not been altered.

Weight: 288g
Manufacturer: Other

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