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Yokan & Jelly

Black Honey Kagaboucha Pudding

$4 USD

Immerse yourself in the realm of Black Honey Kagaboucha Pudding, an artful fusion of exquisite flavors and cherished traditions.

The journey begins with Kagaboucha, an elevated version of hojicha crafted from the finest first tea leaves.

Its rich aromatic sweetness has graced the presence of Emperor Showa.

What sets Kaga-bocha apart is its use of sun-grown Gyokuro tea leaves, meticulously shielded from sunlight to yield a clean, unadulterated taste.

Complementing this is the essence of Hayashi Kotaro Zouzu Vinegar's Black Honey.

With a legacy spanning over 190 years, Hayashi Kotaro Zouzu Vinegar has been the backbone of Kyoto's culinary culture.

Their venture into crafting delightful black honey offers a unique interplay of robust flavor and refined aroma.

Weight: 110g
Manufacturer: Kyojyurakuan

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