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Explore the beauty of Japan's cherry blossoms through snacks!

Blooming Sakura Tea

$8 USD

Looking for a unique tea that's perfect for celebrating special occasions or just enjoying on a relaxing afternoon?

Look no further than Sakura Tea! Made by pickling cherry blossom petals in salt, this tea is as beautiful as it is delicious. The petals open up just like real cherry blossoms in hot water, making for a truly stunning display. Plus, the cute bright pink packaging makes it an excellent gift or souvenir. And don't just stop at drinking it as tea - this versatile tea can also be used in cooking and baking for a subtle cherry blossom flavor.

How to brew Sakura Tea Divide the sakura tea into individual bunches, and wash off the saltiness with one or two bunches of water per person. Put cherry blossom tea in a teacup and pour hot water. Let it brew and wait for the petals to open, and it’s ready to drink!

Weight: 52g
Manufacturer: Tsujiri

Availability: In Stock     Get it within: 7-10 business days

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