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Japanese Kimono Robe - Black Flowers

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Step into traditional Japanese comfort with this Japanese Kimono Robe in Black.

This robe's black base helps to accentuate the bold colors of Japanese flowers blossoming, including crysanthemums, Japan's symbol of longevity, rejuvenation and nobility. Embrace the durability of polyester that not only resists wrinkles but also stands strong against abrasion, ensuring your robe stays impeccable.

Crafted with proprietary technology from Kyoto-based artisans at Sakurai Shoji, this robe boasts vivid colors, adding a touch of Japanese artistry to your collection.

Note: The color of the kimono may very from photographed styling due to lighting and other factors.

Length 56in(142cm)
waist  ~44in(~112cm)

Weight: 352g
Manufacturer: sakurai shoji

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