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Japanese Tea

Maneki Neko Golden Lucky Cat Tea - Hojicha Stems Tea-

$15 USD

Step into a realm of fortune and flavor with the Maneki Neko Golden Lucky Cat Tea, where the essence of tradition and taste converge in every brew.

Within this cute cat tin you can enjoy 100% locally grown tea leaves in Shizuoka Japan.

The Golden Maneki Neko (35g) contains hojicha stems, creating a fragrant aroma and a rich taste that truly embodies the art of tea!

Enjoy the finest crafted Rokucha (stem tea), meticulously handpicked from the first tea leaves cultivated.

This tasty tea invites you to indulge in its fragrant bouquet and luxuriously rich taste. As you sip, you'll be transported to the pristine landscapes where these leaves were nurtured!

Weight: 132g
Manufacturer: Hagiri

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