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Ichigo Exclusive

Kawaii Character Kit Set 【Japan Haul Original】

$19 USD   $11.99 USD

Get ready for an explosion of cuteness with the Kawaii Character Kit Set!

This exclusive set is packed with all things kawaii, making it the perfect gift for any young fan of Japanese culture and characters.

What's more, this amazing kit, which would normally cost $19.00, can be yours for just $11.99!

Plus, it comes with a limited edition Kawaii Kirby Japanese Pattern drawstring bag, perfect for carrying your goodies on the go.

The set includes:

・Kawaii Kirby Japanese Pattern drawstring x1

・Pokemon Chocolate Wafer×1

・Charapaki Chocolate×1

・Fujiya Peko x Sanrio Strawberry Chocolate×1

・Choco Banana DIY Kit×1

・Kirby sticker×2 

Note that the DIY snacks are randomly chosen, adding an element of surprise to this already exciting kit. And with only 100 bags available, you'll want to act fast before they're all gone.

So what are you waiting for?

Give the gift of kawaii with the Kawaii Character Kit Set!


Sweets may differ from those pictured.

Weight: 187g
Manufacturer: Other

Availability: Out of Stock

Regular price $11.99 USD
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