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Explore the beauty of Japan's cherry blossoms through snacks!
Kit Kat

KitKat Classic Japanese Flavors Set - 10 Bag Set -

$80 USD   $69.99 USD

Introducing the KitKat Classic Japanese Flavors Set – a delectable assortment that captures the essence of Japan's unique and delicious treats!

This is an $80 value for just $69.99!

Embark on a flavor journey with 10 KitKat packages featuring a variety of iconic and mouthwatering Japanese KitKat flavors.

No 2 sets are quite the same!

Your set may include:

Kit Kat Chocolate Orange

KitKat Mini Milk Tea

KitKat Strawberry Chocolate Cake

KitKat Double Matcha

KitKat Sweet Potato + More!

Order your KitKat Classic Japanese Flavors Set today and experience the joy of savoring these iconic treats!

*Contents are subject to change

Weight: 1680g
Manufacturer: Ichigo

Availability: In Stock     Get it within: 7-10 business days

Regular price $69.99 USD
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