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oldnew Arare Box

$14 USD

Experience the timeless flavors of arare in this delightful oldnew Arare Box!

Handcrafted from locally sourced glutinous rice, these bite-sized rice crackers are a blend of tradition and taste.

In this box of joy, you'll find an array of delightful arare variations to tantalize your taste buds: Ginger Purple Sweet Potato. Sakura Shrimp Sakura Nori (Seaweed) Matcha Arare And More!

What's more, the pattern on the Arare box is the 'Ichimatsu-moyo,' a classic lattice pattern with a rich history.

Named after the Kabuki actor Sano Kawachi Ichimatsu, this design exudes a timeless charm, reminiscent of the Heian period's nobility and shrines.

Weight: 260g
Manufacturer: Kyojyurakuan

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