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Sakuraco Black-Forged Kitchen Knife

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Indulge in the artistry of the versatile Sakuraco Black-Forged Kitchen Knife.

Handcrafted from high-carbon steel with a distinctive blacksmith's finish, it showcases a captivating aged patina. While it's unconventional for a blade to exhibit rust-like qualities, this design allows the inherent black color of iron to shine, presenting a captivating allure.

Notably, this knife's entire blade becomes rust-resistant through this unconventional process.

A distinctive feature of this knife is its slender tip, enhancing its ease of maneuverability and making it versatile for meat, vegetables, and fish. The handle is elegantly crafted from traditional natural wood, harmonizing aesthetic design with practicality in a quintessential Japanese aesthetic.

Note that the exposed silver part, once sharpened, is prone to rust if not cared for diligently.

Therefore, thorough cleaning and moisture-wiping are paramount after each use. Should rust appear, a simple polish with a suitable cleaner will restore its luster.

Discover a knife that marries design and functionality, a piece of Japan's culinary heritage.
*Not Dishwasher Safe

Click here to learn more about what makes Japanese kitchen knives special.

Note : Knife blade 16.5cm/handle 13cm

Weight: 258g
Manufacturer: SC originals

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