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Uji Matcha Green Tea Warabi Mochi

$9 USD

Savor the delightful Uji Matcha Green Tea Warabi Mochi, a traditional Japanese wagashi treat.

Crafted with care, this wagashi features stone-ground Uji matcha from Uji-Tawara, Kyoto, infused into both the soft rice cake and the fragrant soybean flour coating. Indulge in the vibrant and rich taste of matcha as you bite into this delectable delicacy.

Unlike traditional mochi made from glutinous rice, Warabi Mochi is made from warabiko, resulting in a unique texture and flavor. Perfect for enjoying during the summertime, this Uji Matcha Green Tea Warabi Mochi is a beloved snack that captures the essence of Japanese culinary traditions.

Weight: 188g
Manufacturer: Kyojyurakuan

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